1. Schiff is as low as can be. He is a liar and a fraud. How he has achieved his status in Washington is a total surprise. It makes me wonder about the people who elected him.

  2. LW

    Listen to the song “Pencil Neck Geek”, and tell me it’s not about the most despicable person on Earth, adam”pencil neck geek” schiff

  3. Michael Annese

    He DISGUSTS me the way he attacks my president trump!! Good over evil President Trump will PREVAIL.He is for us the American people.He knew what Hillary and the demoncrats would of done to our country and the people if she got elected.We would be living in a communist nightmare.GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!

  4. Becky Bergeron

    Adam should be scared cause his financial records show he too has ties to the same company Hunter biden just got caught at. He is also linked to to 3 other corrupt companys. Follow the money and you will see where evil lives. Pelosi kids, john kerrys kids are all connected to all this corruption and dirty money. So its no wonder they hate Trump. He is going to clean the swamp. They are all going to be caught and they are scared. The law is coming for you all in due time.

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