1. Lieutenant ' t '

    I worked for the Federal Goverment for 28yrs..Retired as a Supervisory Federal Law Enforcement Officer..Total LEO of 38yrs NYC Police Department for ten years..I have witnessed many employees loose their jobs and security clearances..For far far less!!! I blame this total disregard of Law not only on Clinton BUT FAR more on the Federal law enforcement AGENCY..That should have taken action but did not do so… I have seen first hand how this works letting crimes go.. Not only Clinton, Comey getting away with Crimes..But a VAST VAST amount of elected officials as well… Nothing can be done about it!!!WHY?? because the Federal legal system HAS TO CHANGE!!!



    • Lieutenant ' T '

      First HAPPY Holidays to you fellow American’s.. To the point!!! This Washington mess is NOT going away any time soon..I can tell you this with facts being a former Federal Agent.. This WILL go on for years yes years!! Let me explain.. U.S. Attorney has cases before a Grand jury however they are on holiday break… The government can only hold a grand jury for thirty days at a time… That means that every 30 days a NEW grand jury has to be called.. This process will take months on months on months.. Yes there will be indictments by the summer of 2020 and early spring.. BUT ONLY A FEW.. The rest of the cases will go on far longer. Due to that time limits of the grand juries.. Then arrest are made as they go on… Now the bummer… Due process kicks in.. This will take years Bail, attorney takes the cases, preparation for court, fact finding or discovery, witnesses interviews, court dates, court dates change..On and on see my point…Don’t hold your breath it’s going to be DRAGGED ON for years… Not to forget APPEALS!!!!!! So as we see whats going on in our Government in American HORROR…Yes the world is Laughing at our political system…Even when some do go to jail this too will be a SCAM and JOKE no long term sentences… They will write books and make Millions from this… Said but true Washington D.C is a closed community and we are NOT INVITED… This corruption in our nation political system is not NEW it’s been OPERATING for decades… THEY are ABOVE the LAW… Last note to consider in ALL governments around the world one of the MAIN methods used to blind the people from learning what goes on behind the governments closed society is THE MEDIA!!!! This is a very powerful TOOL to keep the PUBLIC ASLEEP!!! With that said my AMERICAN FAMILY.. They forgot one BIG obstacle…AND they ARE deeply concerned about this FACT!!!! IS THAT WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES ARE WATCHING….

      • Ricki Christian

        What is GITMO for?? Or haven’t any of those vile traitors committed treason?? I’m an Australian and I have watched what is going on in the US well before President Trump was elected. If all this is going to end up being a kangaroo court, that’s when I turn away. I wont watch those criminals keep getting away with crimes as I’m so fed up with it. They get away with it because they’re allowed to as no-one does anything about it. I’m not the only one who has had enough. Others have stopped watching because they’re sure that Republicans and Democrats are one party. I haven’t given up just yet, but I’m close.

        • Lieutenant ' T '

          Interesting your watching these POLITICAL criminals doing what they want in America.. The whole world is Watching and are in shock…. But remember this my friend your watching BUT WE HAVE TO LIVE IT!!!!!!! Now the new came in this country… Politicians in Virginia want to take away the Law abiding PEOPLES GUNS!!! These politicians are out of control RE WRITING OUR CONSTITUTION OUR LAWS AS THEY FEEL LIKE IT!! After Jan 20th 2020- After the vote we will see how this turns out.. Virginia is the first state where these Democrats will try this GUN CONTROL other States to follow there after…. You are watching from Australia you claim??? There are 300,000.000 Million Americans here do you think and or any one else reading this That Common Americans are going to allow this to happen… IT’S NOT…Bad days for MY COUNTRY are coming….TRUST THIS WATCHERS.. WHEN TRUE AMERICANS HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!! WELL EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN !!!!!!!

          • Ricki Christian

            Thanks for your reply. I’m on the internet all day and all I watch are American channels, because we don’t have many. I know what’s going on in your country, every earthquake, everything that is happening politically etc. I have friends who live in the US. It sometimes gets to the point where I have to remind myself I’m not American. The guns issue is very important to me. You probably know how easy it was for our govt. to take our guns. I had to give mine up because I was on the books with gun registration and a licence. We are obviously a smaller country and it’s easier to track us down. I wont insult you by telling you not to give your guns up because I know it’s in your constitution, even though the Democrats want to change that. I know that a great deal of you own guns but it wasn’t that way here. As it stands now, those who have farms have guns because of wild animals and so do the criminals. That’s OK, because I trust God. I know Americans wont give up their guns and that’s great, but I hope it doesn’t come to a civil war. I’m watching and praying, especially for your president. I respect and honour him and know he is the best president you have ever had!! I wish we had someone like him to clean out our swamp!!

  3. Lieutenant ' T '

    When this Washington D.C. Corruption Goes beforce the Federal Courts it will bring a NON HEALING WOUND TO AMERICA!!! Not all Corruption will be magnified DEEP rooted Corruption has it’s deep deep foundation in America…It will seemingly go away for a short time… Until these Corrupted Politicians signal to each other the coast is clear… Then it will START ALL OVER AGAIN!!! But this time unnoticed to the Majority… ONE major factor that All governments utilized throughout history to DECEIVE the masses is the State Controlled MEDIA!!! Do the REASEARCH people!!!… THAT SHOULD BE THE NEXT CONCERN FOR AMERICA!!! Trump calls it Fake News… However there is more to that… It’s a WEAPON against the people…A control brain washing method that worked well in history… That means of information has to be called out for what it really is… May this up coming NEW YEAR be productive to YOU and LOVE ONES… Honor and Respect Friends… Remember WE ARE NOT ASLEEP…

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