• Jerry Lay

      God made him president and God says who will rule he makes who he wants to be king or president and the devil and all hell can’t do nothing about it. Praise his holy name Jesus Holy Holy.

  1. mike

    Every country wants Donald Trump as president for their economy is failing and America is the only one who’s thriving all the other presidents have been lawyers I’ll President Trump is a businessman what the hell do lawyers know about creating jobs

  2. Pastor-Phil Biggs

    Praise God for President Trump and the fact that he does not pretend to be perfect. Isn’t it funny that the mas who admits to his imperfections is the only one with enough common sense and business experience to build success in America. Obama continues to tell America his was the only Presidency without any corruption until you actually go beyond the bull Schiff and into reality. Look to Mathew 25:31-46 where those on the left are correctly identified as demons.

  3. William WHITE

    Look Anybody who wants to Kill Babies, Put Down God by Taking Him Out Of School And Other Public Places And Keeps Taking Away People’s Freedom Of Speech, Choice, Self Defense, And Bathroom Privacy And Lie, Cheat, Steal Anything For Power, Wealth And Control At Any Cost. Homeless People Dieing In Our Streets! Don’t Matter They Are Not Important As Achieving Fame, Fortune And Power! Right NANCY? Right Maxine? Right Adam? Right Chuck? Right Bernie? Right A. O. C? People Don’t Matter! Power, Fame and Fortune Is All That Matters!!!

  4. sarah

    The way the question in this poll is asked could be taken by some in different ways. The question needs to be asked in a clearer method as not to confuse people. Such as:
    Should Trump Be Impeached By The Senate

    • mdstubbs

      Your right Sarah, they do it that way to confuse people into choosing the answer they want the most. It’s all just a bunch of left wing bull crap. The real polls say quite the opposite, that much more than %50 of Americans think it’s a sham and want it over not the removal of our fairly elected president.

    • GF

      Your Right Sarah, the Question needs to be worded so that it is not confusing,
      The answer is Yes to this question since we do not want President Trump Impeached

      So the Vote above is stating so far that many more people do Not want President Trump impeached

      There statement is Incorrect
      “Public support for Trump impeachment at all-time high: Poll”

      The way I see it
      Support for Trump Not to be impeached at all-time high- This is the correct Statement

    • B A Potgieter

      This Poll is a Farce as the question is double barreled and could be positive both ways.!!!. Hence the obvious Pos. results for impeachment.

    • Elaine Haney

      That’s the way I kept reading it. I hate to not click but I’m not taking the chance it’s against him

  5. Becky Bergeron

    Those that go against Trump are the corrupt ones. Once Trump finishes draining the swamp they will all have no job and hopefully be sitting in prison and that’s what they are afraid of. Trump 2020 forever. He’s the best!!

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